Reconnective Music

Music for heart-awakening.
Re-connecting people back to their essence

by the use of healing intuitive music.

Experience the healing power of music

Would you love…

To connect with yourself and others in a space of heart-opening sounds and silence?

To feel the spark of your true nature of joy, peace and creativity?

To know deeply who you are, what keeps you healthy and fulfills you in life?

To express yourself in music in the highest form that is possible for you?

To activate your own self-healing capacity of your body?

This is our heart’s work and it is freely given. Your heart decides what you give us back in joy. 



Music can be experienced more deeply when it is attuned to you and your dear ones. It will help you purify and re-connect to your restful deep state and inspiration and keep your frequency high.
We give Private Concerts one-on-one and for small groups. Enjoy with your friends, family and loved ones or during pregnancy for your baby.

Public Concerts and Events

Experience the healing and transformative power of live intuitive music. Music that expresses the NOW can only really be experienced live. It is experiental music that is profound and comes from a place of pure love. 


Ask information or book a concert or session


What They Say

“I had such a special evening last week together with my friend in front of this fire place we listened to the most special live music by Roger and Marieke. 

They play and sing intuitively and this is part of our soul track! An amazing way to keep you frequency high…”

Doutzen Kroes

Dear Roger and marieke,

Thank you for this beautiful moving SoulTrack concert. It is particularly striking to feel and hear how you reproduce and sound Marius and me so purely through sound and voice.
A mirror of our soul that you were able to show so beautifully. Playful characters I heard. Thank you for your healing warmth and love. 

Ninan en Marius

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