Reconnective Music

Music for Heart-Awakening.
Re-connecting people back to their essence

by use of healing intuitive music.

Experience the healing power of music

Reconnective Music


We have the intention of guiding you in your life’s work. What deeply fulfills you, what keeps you healthy and what your soul most wants to learn at this moment in your life.

Your Soul is constantly in an evolution process to experience how it can express itself in the highest form possible in every moment.

In this whole journey of life we are getting more conscious of our emotions and feelings connected to our body and soul experience. The sessions and events of Reconnective Music help you to understand, reflect, mirror and express these parts of your human- and divine experience.

Through Intuitive music with intention, you can tap into the love that you really are. Sound penetrates deeply into every layer of your physical and energetic body and music sets it in motion (e-motion). This also activates the self-healing capacity of your body.

This healing form of music helps you to have less resistance to how you are feeling at the moment. From this place of openness, surrender and acceptance of your emotions, shadows and fears, you can move easier to that source of love within and around you. That place where your True Self emerges!

Creativity, trust and guidance can flow even more into your experience.
Life becomes a precious gift, a miracle and a constant source of inspiration.


A SoulTrack is a musical mirror of your Soul. This pure aligned intuitive music that arises in the moment is helpful for more awareness of who you really are and what is needed to feel more connected with your essence. 

Concerts and Events

Experience the healing and transformative power of live intuitive music. Music that expresses the NOW can only really be experienced live. It is experiental music that is profound and comes from a place of pure love. 


Listen and feel our sound ! Check our personal songs, compositions, albums and live intuïtieve recordings.