About Marieke and Roger

It is our privilege and passion to bring intuitive live music into this world on big and small scale. Music that mirrors, heals and harmonises what is necessary in every moment.

We want to create moments where you can (re)connect with the highest version and deepness of who you are in connection with other people. That you will meet yourself in sound and music and connect authentically to yourself and others.

Through receiving and playing intuïtive music, you will get more self awareness. You will be more aware of the field of love which always surrounds you and is in and through you, always.

We are convinced that love is the only truth and through music and coaching we keep on bringing people back into the feeling and experience of love. And help people to see that fear is an illusion true letting them connect with the truth of love. This can only be done in complete contact with who you really are. 

Through getting into that higher consciousness by music, you can see clearly which thoughts are fear based and which come from a place of love.

Making clear choices from your true self and what you come to bring into this world will become more easy for you.
This will empower who you truly are and give you more Freedom, Inner Power, Self confidence and Wisdom. Relationships will flourish and you get a feeling of living more fully. 

You will feel you are a Miracle!

More about Roger Spees: www.rogerspees.com 

More about Marieke van der Leijé: www.mariekevanderleije.nl 

Existence is musical in nature.
It was never meant to be serious.
It is a spontaneous play of natural patterns.
You don’t have to try or control anything.
So just let go and let life happen by itself.
That is the most natural way of living.
It is also the most natural way of playing music, in flow.
That is “natural music” ❤
The true intuitive “heartmusician” is able to play music as naturally like a breath of air.
By letting go of any obstacle and being a clear channel for the source music to flow through.
Being a light vessel of true music that wants to be heard in the moment.
Touching the hearts of all the souls who listen.
Natural music is able to heal, to transform and to enlighten the world and bring true peace.
It all starts with listening and letting go.
Just start playing and play on.

Roger Spees

Dear Marieke & Roger, it is unbelievably special what all of your beautiful music releases in me. I have not been so close to myself for ages. Intuitively I feel that this has so much value for my next path and I feel a lot of confidence. I am very happy to continue working together at a time that feels good. There are no words for the gratitude I feel for your beautiful energies.