Baby SoulTrack

Session with unique personal music for your baby during pregnancy

professionA unique concert during the pregnancy for you as partners as well as your upcoming miracle/newborn. 

We reflect in music the journey of the pregnancy, relationship with the baby and make the perfect attuned music to give birth to the newborn. Including a special sleep melody! 

This Baby SoulTrack gives you, your partner and baby the opportunity to remember this period of your live on a super unique way! 

The Baby SoulTrack can:

  • Help you and your partner to have a deeper connection with each others experiences of the pregnancy 
  • Give you a strong musical anker during the pregnancy and during the birth which can relieve pain and obstakels 
  • Increase the level of understanding for each others feelings, longings and desires
  • Give you the possibility to connect with the Soul of the baby 

You will receive a:

  • Session of 2 – 2,5 hours, depending on what you both need.
  • Reflection in sounds, words and beautiful piano music of 45 up to 60 minutes.
  • Reading/interpretation of the Baby SoulTrack from Roger and Marieke
  • Professional recording of your BabySoulTrack on MP3 and a personal cd or super nice USB stick.
  • Guidance and inspiration of two people that really want to contribute to your fase of pregnancy

Your investment:

Roger and Marieke work on a donation basis, making their services accessible to everyone.

Our minimum donation for a Relationship / Love SoulTrack is € 85, –
This minimal donation only covers the following costs:

– Professional sound recording
– CD with color print or USB Stick
– Administrative costs
– Tea / snack
– Wood for the fire

Before or after the session you can give a top-up donation for your session at any time and pay our time as a musician in money. You decide how much, when and how you pay this.

We trust that you feel for yourself what you can and want to spend at the moment.

Sessions are possible on weekdays from Monday to Friday during the day or in the evening. Weekend sessions are only possible occasionally.

Contact us for more information, questions or making an appointment:

Roger +316 454 90670 of Marieke +316 521 31900.

“We still are deeply touched. It was so unbelievably beautiful, this evening! It was a real journey that we made together with the 3 of us. Deep meditation, the most beautiful piano playing by Roger and the sung words and opening healing vibration that the voice of Marieke added to it let us travel deeply in an extraordinary journey. A journey of images, feelings, emotions, realisations, understanding, insights and much much love… The puzzle pieces really fell into place” 


At home I have listened to the recording several times. Every time again it is so helping and nice to surrender myself to it again. Thank you dear Marieke and Roger, you really have a gift and talent to translate and help people! ”

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