Concerts and Events

Roger and Marieke’s intuitive concerts quiet your mind and open your heart.

“Our music is a reflection of the moment, it is mindful music that brings you in deep contact with yourself and allows you to relax in it. It is still music for heart and soul. ”

Music is a powerful healing medium, many people know that. If you use music with intention and allow it to emerge intuitively, the power and effect that music has will amplify exponentially. It penetrates deep into every cell and fiber, touching both physically and energetically.

Then imagine what music can do if it is intuitively tuned to you as a unique human being and your soul. Or music attuned to a theme, a group of people. As long as there is an intention and focus, we are able to extract music from it. Because music is everywhere. We hear the music and let it flow through our fingers and voice and express it.

“Beautiful and pure – from the heart to the soul.
That’s how music is meant to be. ” – René

During our concerts we start with a small meditation and relaxation exercise, whereby we increase our vibrational frequency. This makes it easier for us to make contact with pure consciousness.
From that awareness, we make the sounds that are attuned to the audience.

We are also a channel of loving messages through sound and words.

Bringing love through music. That is the purpose of our concerts.

Harmonization with the source is the key to a sound bath of relaxation and connection.

“One of the most intense experiences we’ve had together in recent times. Wonderful to be so immersed in a bath of music, words, instruments and singing.” – Teresa

Private concerts and events
When people listen attentively to the music we make, an energetic interaction is created between us and the audience, which really makes the music richer and deeper. If the audience finds the peace that the music brings, the music will adapt to it. The best way to experience this is when you lie on a nice mattress with a blanket over you. That is wonderfully relaxing to yourself!

We regularly give separate and joint concerts, including the intimate living room concerts at our home. Come and experience it! Keep an eye on the calendar for dates.

“What a wonderful, healing, magical work you do. It was a gift to be here. ” – Jessica

For your event!

This is also a wonderful way for companies to display a theme at a meeting, conference or seminar, master class or workshop. Experience mindfulness through music, theme music or for a team. How would that sound?

Music is a universal language that everyone understands if you are open to it. And fortunately we are becoming more and more open to the beauty that is there (also in the world). And we translate that beauty into music. And in this way we make the world a bit more beautiful.

Interested in a concert? Check the agenda.
Do you want to book us for a (company) event? Mail or call us.

“It touched me deeply and made me feel a bottom of my existence again” – Kim

Experience the music

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