Friendship Concert

An unique expierience with the friends you love
Friendschip Concert
Celebrate the friendship with your friend(s) in a unique way. Receive a beautiful attuned concert in a cosy setting with fire place and grand piano from Roger and Marieke.

Get connected to each other through and by intuitive music (piano, vocals and other beautiful instruments). Relax, enjoy and get touched by the soundscapes of peace, calmness and inspirations from our hearts. Every women can have a personal SoulTrack as they wish. This is a personal musical reflection by Roger and Marieke.

Everything will be recorded in high kwality sound so you can listen to the music at any time.


You will receive a:

  • Beautifull space to settle in. Candles, fireplace, thee and chocolade.
  • Reflection in sounds, words and beautiful piano music of 45 up to 60 minutes: how long the journey wants to unfold itself!
  • Professional recording of individual soultracks (when arrised) on MP3 and a personal cd or super nice USB stick when you wish to.
  • Guidance and inspiration of two people that really want to contribute to your life of beauty and joy.


Our cosy home in Laren (NH) with grand piano and fire place is a comfortable place to relax and enjoy the music. If you have a (grand) piano and want to experience the concert at your own home: please contact us for the possibility’s.

Your investment:

Costs concert and our work as musicians:

There are several options possible. You and your friend(s) pay separately what they want to donate for the concert. It is also possible to give this concert as a personal gift for a birthday or otherwise. In this case you can also choose the amount of the donation afterwards.

Costs SoulTrack (MP3):

Everything will be recorded in high quality sound so you can listen to the music when at any time you want. The music (MP3s) of the concert and individual soul tracks must be mixed.

This takes time. We ask for a voluntary donation for this. Afterwards, you and your friends can donate an amount via the top-op button in the email you receive with the MP3s.

Contact us for more information, questions or making an appointment:

Roger +316 454 90670 of Marieke +316 521 31900.

Ask information or book your session directly

“I had such a special evening last week together with my friend in front of this fire place we listened to the most special live music by Roger and Marieke. 

They play and sing intuitively and this is part of our soul track! An amazing way to keep you frequency high…”

Doutzen Kroes

At home I have listened to the recording several times. Every time again it is so helping and nice to surrender myself to it again.

Thank you dear Marieke and Roger, you really have a gift and talent to translate and help people!
Thank u for this lovely evening. It was very special and we enjoyed it so much. What you two bring to people is very powerful 🌸🙏🏻


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