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Experience heart-opening, relaxing and unique music in tune with you

A Musical Masterpiece just for You

We are Roger Spees (pianist) and Marieke van der Leijé (singer) and we love to share our gift with you. We play music intuitively inspired by exactly what is needed in any moment and the uniqueness of your being. We let the music flow freely which will help you to relax, purify, harmonize and restore the natural healing capacity of your body. You can choose to enjoy this private concert for yourself or with other dear ones. Also during pregnancy for your baby. The music will be recorded and you’ll receive it on cd or mp3. A unique piece of music just for you.

Mother & Daughter

Relax and harmonize in who you truly are

How does it work?

Imagine that every moment in your life you can listen to music that is a mirror of who you truly are. We see humans as pure multidimensional infinite beings. 
We attune to that purity aspect of you and play music that comes spontaneously in the moment. You can relax and listen to it. By listening you connect with us and create the music through and with us. You will receive a personal concert with the soundtrack of you in a session of 2 – 2,5 hours. The music will be recorded and you’ll receive it on cd or mp3. A unique piece of music just for you. 


What They Say

“I had such a special evening last week together with my friend in front of this fire place we listened to the most special live music by Roger and Marieke. 

They play and sing intuitively and this is part of our soul track! An amazing way to keep you frequency high…”

Doutzen Kroes

Dear Roger and marieke,

Thank you for this beautiful moving SoulTrack concert. It is particularly striking to feel and hear how you reproduce and sound Marius and me so purely through sound and voice.
A mirror of our soul that you were able to show so beautifully. Playful characters I heard. Thank you for your healing warmth and love. 

Ninan en Marius


Give what you feel

Our gift is freely given. We only ask an amount of 55 euros in advance to cover our costs. After you receive your session with private concert, you. can feel what you want to give us that represents your joy in that moment.


Luxury, quality & comfort

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