Partner session that mirrors your relationship into a musical masterpiece

How can a "LoveTrack" session deepen our relationship?

Would you like to experience how your relationship sounds in music? 

In this private concert we mirror the pure energie of your (love) connection, your (transformation) processes and growth opportunities. 

This SoulTrack session is for partners but can also be booked for two family members or when you want to deepen your friendship. 

It is a beautiful way to discover which dynamics exists in your connection, to feel more appreciation for each other and experiencing the reason for your Soulconnection. 

Through sounds, words and piano music we give you an unique sound bath which you will never forget. 

Especially because everything will be recorded in high quality so you can listen to it endlessly! 

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Practical information:

The session takes place in a safe and warm environment with a grand piano.
During the session you can choose to sit or lay down comfortably.  

You will receive a:

  • Session of 1,5 – 2 hours, depending on what is needed. 
  • Reflection in sounds, words and beautiful piano music of 30 up to 45 minutes.
  • Reading/interpretation of the LoveTrack from Roger and Marieke
  • Professional recording of your LoveTrack on MP3 and the choice to have a personal cd or super nice USB stick.  
  • Guidance and inspiration of two people that really want to contribute to your (love) connection.  

Your investment:
We changed our way of spreading our gifts to a new way of share and care. We believe that everyone would have to be able to receive a SoulTrack session. That’s why we will ask a minimum donation. You can choose the amount that you want to invest in your life right now and for us to be able to pay our life and business expenses. 

You can choose if you want to have a personal cd or USB stick apart from your mp3 LoveTrack.

Contact us for more information, questions or making an appointment:
Roger +316 454 90670 of Marieke +316 521 31900.