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Personal SoulTrack session

A personal SoulTrack is a musical mirror of your soul’s life path. The intuitive music, soundscapes, words and messages that arise in the moment, are providing you more clarity about your current state. It gives you the opportunity to connect to your essence and mission. 

We work with intention! The intention to really connect to your essence and what messages it has for you! To connect to the qualities of your soul and reflecting this is music. 

A SoulTrack can support you to:

  • Drop even more in the essence of who you really are 
  • Feel a deeper hart-connection
  • Improve the connection to your own intuition
  • Letting go of resistance, anger or sadness in your life 
  • Increasing your appreciation of all the talents and qualities that you have and exploring the possibilities of it’s gifts
  • Increasing your trust in Life.
  • Understanding and expressing your thoughts, emotions and feelings in a safe space 
  • Recognize your talents, shadows and deeper needs in life
  • Get more clarity of your Soul purpose
  • Increasing your creativity, trust and guidance so it can flow even more into your life experience.
  • Getting more conscious of our negative beliefs and emotions that holding you back to shine your light. 

You will receive a:

  • Session of 1,5 – 2 hours, depending on what you need. 
  • Reflection in sounds, words and beautiful piano music of 30 to 45 minutes.
  • Reading/interpretation of the SoulTrack from Roger and Marieke
  • Professional recording of your SoulTrack on MP3 and a personal cd or super nice USB stick.  
  • Guidance and inspiration of two people that really want to contribute to your Soul’s purpose 

Your investment: 

We changed our way of spreading our gifts to a new way of share and care. We believe that everyone would have to be able to receive a SoulTrack session. That’s why we will ask a minimum donation. You can choose the amount that you want to invest in your life right now and for us to be able to pay our life and business expenses. 

Contact us for more information, questions or making an appointment: 

Roger +316 454 90670 of Marieke +316 521 31900.

Ask information or book your session directly

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