Private Concerts

Experience heart-opening, relaxing and unique music just for you

In a private reconnective concert we play music that is purely attuned to this moment and resonates with you as unique being. This personal music is experienced deeply and can help you re-connect to the silent space within you where you can truly relax and harmonise yourself.

You can experience it by your own, with your loved one(s) (partner, friend(s), family, child) or with your unborn baby.

The music activates the self-healing ability of your body on the physical, spiritual and emotional level.

You get a unique personal piece of music that deepens your relationship with your true self and others. 
A sound bath that expresses you, your relationship or newborn beyond words !

You will always receive a recording of the session. Everytime you listen to it, it deepens your connection with your essence and the essence of your relationships. 

Choose the Private Reconnective Concert that you would like to experience:

Do you have ideas or questions, feel free to contact us directly. Also to book us.

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