Experience the healing power of intuitive music in a SoulTrack. 

This is a private concert where we give you a musical mirror of the soul of an individual, relationship or baby. 

You get an unique personal piece of music that deepens your relationship with your life’s path. 

A sound bath that expresses you, your relationship or newborn beyond words !
Everytime you listen to it, it deepens your connection with your essence or the essence of your relationship. 

Choose the SoulTrack that resonate with you ! 


A personal SoulTrack is a musical mirror of your soul’s life path. The intuitive music, soundscapes, words and messages that arise in the moment, are providing you more clarity about your current state. It gives you the opportunity to connect to your essence and mission.

Relationship Soultrack

Would you like to experience how your relationship sounds in music?
In this Relationship SoulTrack we mirror the pure energie of your (love) connection, your (transformation) processes and growth opportunities.


A unique concert during the pregnancy for you as partners as well as your upcoming miracle/newborn. 

We reflect in music the journey of the pregnancy, relationship with the baby and make the perfect attuned music to give birth to the newborn.
Including a special sleep melody!