Weekly Resonance Group

Join the resonance group and watch a weekly live streamed musical session of healing and harmonizing music and receive the mp3 in your mailbox afterwards. Healing music attuned to your personal and collective life themes. 

You can join the weekly resonance group any time. We now focus on tuesdays where we go live at 20:00 in a private YouTube live stream only for this group. 
Roger Spees (piano) and Marieke van der Leijé (vocals) tune into the themes of the group and the world and record a track for this moment.

You don’t have to do anything but listen to the music. You can donate your prefered amount either weekly or one time, and tune in on tuesday at 20:00 on the private YouTube link you will receive. 

It is our passion and gift to support, clarify and amplify positive impact for people around the world by using the healing power of intuitive music.


The weekly resonance group will provide an amplified field of energy and inspiration which strengthens your source connection and self-healing ability.


Our music is timeless and always mirrors the present moment. It is attuned to the spheres of what is happening globally in the world and the input that you share personally with us in your account. We reach out to you in music by sounding the feelings of hope, calmness, harmony, trust, love, guidance and much more.



So much is happening in the world right now. Uplifting things & horrible scenarios where everything that no longer serves us is coming to the surface even more intensely.


This can be challenging times for many of us, maybe all of us. It asks us to connect deeper to our true essence, strengths and human rights of freedom.
Our Resonance music can support you with that. 

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